Thursday, April 24, 2014

Words of Comfort: Call the cops?

Leonie Trent is a regular atheist who quoted me when I said, “Years ago, I told 100 kids to line up for candy. As I looked at the line I noticed that it was a line of greed. The greedy brats were at the front, and the quiet sickly and humble kids had been pushed to the back. So I took great delight in turning the line around 180 degrees and going to the quiet sickly kids first, much to the disgust of the greedy brats at the back.” Then she asked, “Did anyone call the police and did you tell the parents this?

That incident happened in New Zealand about 35 years ago, at a time when people trusted each other and sin (evil) wasn't so rampant. Those were the days when people respected the Ten Commandments and didn’t lie, live in hypocrisy, steal, hate, and murder—as they do now that the Commandments have been forsaken. When there is no Law there is lawlessness. If someone had called the police in those days, they would have probably come into the class to enjoy the fun and listen to the gospel.

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