Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Words of Comfort: Sabbath-keepers.

Jenny Bostwick Hill said, “I would like to know your view on the Sabbath. Did the Catholic church change the calendar and Saturday should be the Sabbath instead of Sunday? Also, should we be keeping the Sabbath? Thanks Ray! God bless!”

I rarely talk about this issue, and when I do it’s not to argue with Sabbath-keepers. It’s to make sure Christians don’t get tangled up in their deception and in the bondage of legalism. Those who insist that others (besides themselves) should keep the Jewish Sabbath cannot point to even one verse in the New Testament where  Christians are commanded to keep the Sabbath. If our salvation depended on resting on a certain day, then you would think that God would have taken the time to tell us, “Remember to keep the Sabbath holy.” But it’s not there, and any reference to it is negative—saying not to let any man tell you what day to keep, etc.  I have found that Sabbath-keepers rarely plead with the unsaved to get right with God. Instead, they try and lay the Law on the backs of Christians to try and take away the liberty they have in Christ and steal their joy. So I gently ban them. This is because scripture tells me to avoid strivings about the Law.

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