Monday, June 23, 2014

Words of Comfort: 40% of the Commandments

An atheist asked, “Can you tell me why blasphemy is a sin? Can you tell me how it's actually hurting anyone? Can you tell me why graven images are a sin? Can you tell me how they're actually hurting anyone? That’s 40% of the commandments, and you can’t even adequately justify them.”

A sincere Christian answered, "Simple, those things hurt God! We are not here to hurt God. We're here to praise God. That's how it's justified."

But that’s not true. Nothing "hurts" God. The correct word to use, is that sin "angers" God.  A judge isn't "hurt" when a criminal viciously rapes a woman, slits her throat and then laughs. The judge is "angered" by the crime. Sin is extremely serious to God--so serious it demands the death penalty and then damnation. See Romans 2:4-11.

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