Friday, June 13, 2014

Words of Comfort: If God knows everything...

“If God knows everything, why didn't he prevent the attacks of 9/11? Or the Holocaust? Or slavery?” Cosmo Vern

So you think God should step in and stop murderers? If you answer “Yes,” we will need to figure out what you think He should do. Perhaps you believe He should have killed Hitler, and taken out the 18 terrorists before they committed their murders. But if He did do that, you and your kind would whine about God killing 18 innocent Muslims who were flying peacefully on a plane, and that He killed an innocent little Austrian painter who loved Charles Darwin.

To be consistent with evil prevention, God should have also killed the 200,000 murderers, who took innocent human lives in the United States during the 1990’s. Once again, He would have had to kill them before they committed their murders.  

Then there’s the 58 million (plus) women who killed their babies in the womb. He should have killed them before they murdered their babies.  

One other thing. If you think Jews and babies in the womb are non-human, you aren’t alone. Check out to see what the two have in common (over 4 million views).