Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words of Comfort: Listen to your experts...

"Ray. You're a liar. The scientific theory of evolution is becoming stronger and more people are learning about it and applying it in medical science. Evolution is evidence based. Your ancient religion is faith based. Do you even know what a myth is? You should feel really bad about lying to your sheep on this matter. You're a bad person." Ed Severson

That a classic Ad hominem (to abuse the opponent and ignore the argument). How about you instead offer one piece of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution--a change of kinds (not adaptation or speciation). You can't do it, because there isn't any. It’s based on nothing but unobservable blind faith. If you don't believe that, listen to your own experts:

I don't mind you calling me a bad person because I'm a sinner by nature, but I take your public accusation of me being a liar very seriously. It is libelous, and so I have to ban you as I have banned others for saying the same thing. I don't think it will upset you because you have consistently disliked everything I have said. Still, I'm sorry to see you go.