Friday, June 6, 2014

Words of Comfort: Plug it in!

My friend Todd Friel lived in Minnesota for many years. Living there during the winter means cold weather and dry skin, so his new bride recommended that they purchase a water softener for their whole house. Water softeners were expensive and they spent hundreds of dollars to have it professionally installed, but immediately noticed how amazingly soft their clothes were. They also noticed that they needed far less lotion. It was wonderful.

Two months later, Todd’s expert home-owning wife, Susan, asked if he had put salt in the water softener. He thought she was joking. But once she educated him about its necessity, he dutifully checked the salt level. All was well.

Weeks went by and they continued to take showers and proclaim that the water was softer than a baby’s bottom lip. They loved it. It was worth every penny. Soft clothes. Soft skin. Who could ask for anything more? Todd continued to check the salt levels and Susan continued to marvel that they still didn’t need to add salt.

After six months and hundreds of showers and tons of laundry, she called the water softener company to ask if their low salt use was normal. The repairman arrived and spent less than a minute before emerging from the utility room to announce that he fixed their water softener. The problem? The installer had failed to plug it in. From, 101 of the Dumbest Things People Have Done