Monday, June 9, 2014

Words of Comfort: Starvation

“This God allows me to breathe? Does this same God cause children to starve? Why do I, a total non-believer, deserve breath more than any child deserves a family that is able to provide for it?” Morgan Johnston

There's enough food to spread around. Human selfishness (sin) is the problem, not God. Think of our priorities--of how much we spend on armaments, and searching space for intelligent life…hundreds of billions of dollars. That could feed a lot of hungry kids.

If you believe evolution, just deal with kids starving to death. Your worldview is “survival of the fittest.” Starvation is no big deal. It's cold, it’s hard, and it’s a nasty belief. The Christian worldview, however, clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, takes care of the poor, and heals the sick.

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