Monday, July 28, 2014

Words of Comfort: His Holiness = Our Death.

What a fearful thing it was when God gave His Law. And this was when He came in peace. He was not manifesting He terrible wrath, but simply giving His Law to Israel through Moses, yet it was an unspeakably fearful sight. A number of times in this chapter God warned Israel to be careful not to approach the mountain, “lest the LORD break out against them.” The holiness of God would fall upon sinful man quicker than a massive bolt of lightning would consume a dead ant. Think of an unrepentant murderer, who has raped innocent young girls then callously cut their throats, standing before a judge. As the good judge looks upon the devious criminal, he is filled with anger as he brings down his gavel and passes the death sentence. Desire for justice fuels his wrath. How much more will a perfect and holy God be wrath-filled and break out on sinful humanity for our wickedness! No man can stand in God’s presence and live. His holiness demands our death. The only way we can live is to be sheltered in Jesus Christ.

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