Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Words of Comfort: From Elvis to Lucy to Jimmy Stewart.

Millions of people spend dozens of hours each week watching dead people on TV. From Elvis to Lucy to Jimmy Stewart, the faces of folks who no longer exist entertain us. Time not only snatched their looks, it snatched their lives. Today, good-looking Hollywood stars are making movies so that tomorrow’s generation can also pass the time by watching dead people on TV. Time makes today tomorrow’s memory. Each weekend seems to pass us by like blurred telephone poles flashing past the window of the speeding train of life.

If I purchased a new car and saw in the owner’s manual that it had a certain type of engine, I shouldn’t be surprised to lift the hood and find the engine to be exactly as the manual stated. The maker’s handbook gives me insight into the unseen workings of the vehicle. This is also true with human beings.

The Maker’s manual tells us how each of us thinks and why we react the way we do. It lifts the hood and reveals the inner workings of homo sapiens.  In doing so, the Bible discloses an often-overlooked tool that we can use to reach the lost. That tool is the sinner’s will to live. Every Sane human being has a dread of death (see Hebrews 2:15). He doesn’t want to die. He sits wide-eyed, staring out the window of the speeding train watching life pass him by. Get off the train, and get a life. See for details.

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