Monday, August 11, 2014

Words of comfort: Giving away $40,000

A Christian farmer in western Kansas felt sure that God spoke to him to give his $40,000 hail insurance to missions. So, in faith he gave the money, trusting that God would protect his crop. Sure enough, the hail came and severely damaged all his neighbor’s crops, but not his.

In contrast, there is a well-known story about a brilliant tightrope artist named Blondin, who pushed a wheelbarrow across Niagara Falls. After he had walked to the other side, the crowd roared with applause at his amazing feat. He asked a small boy in the crowd if he believed that Blondin could walk back. The boy said, “Yes, sir!” He then asked if the boy thought he could do it with him in the wheelbarrow. The boy said he believed he could do it, to which the famous tightrope walker said, “Good! Jump in then and I will take you!” The boy would not get in.

Here are two different types of faith. The farmer had faith that he had heard from God; he was so sure that he was prepared to step out. But the boy’s faith was (understandably) lacking; he wasn’t prepared to step out, and get in. Many sincere folks have a measure of faith in Jesus, but they have never trusted in Him. In that sense, their faith, because it doesn’t have works with it, is dead.    

From, The Evidence Bible

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