Monday, September 15, 2014

Words of Comfort: 20% discount.

"I thought salvation was a free gift from Jesus. Obviously not. Still though 20% off salvation through Ray Comfort seems like a good deal." Leonie Trent 

When I threatened to ban her for such talk, Leonie replied, “I'm sorry Ray. I don't understand where the problem lies with my comment. Could you explain why this seems like a careless remark to you? Thanks Ray. I just want to follow YOUR rules as best I can.” 

I replied: I will do my best to explain. I (and every other Christian) have eternal life because of one reason--God's amazing grace (His mercy). My Savior poured His life's blood out and received the wrath that was justly due to me for my many sins.  A day doesn't go by when I am not overwhelmed to a point of tears that God didn't treat me justly. If someone you love took a bullet for you (literally gave his life for you) wouldn't you think highly of that person?  I'm sure you would (unless you were an extremely cold-hearted and selfish person). 

God (in Christ) died for sinners, while we were His enemies--hating Him, denying His existence, unthankful for life, and blaspheming His name. Such love can’t be expressed in words. The Apostle Paul called it "the unspeakable gift," and it’s because it is "unspeakable" that I'm having trouble explaining it. 

So when you say that people can "buy" salvation through me at 20% discount, you are both mocking and denigrating something that is very, very (unspeakably) precious to us as Christians. 

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