Thursday, September 11, 2014

Words of Comfort: Nazi cruelty.

"Ray, what proof and evidence do you have that Hell is good and just?" William Hartnell

I watched a sickening documentary recently about the cruelty of the Nazis. I also thought about another program I saw on TV years ago. It was about a man who kidnapped a small family and took them to his home in a remote location. He then murdered the young father and his little boy, buried them in his backyard, and chained the young woman to his bed where he kept her as a sex slave until he also murdered her. He video-taped her pleading for her life and asking why he would do such a thing to her precious family. He coldly answered, "Because I don't like you!" 

Multiply Nazi Germany and other vicious evils like this one  a million times over, and you have to ask the question, "If God is good, how can Hell NOT exist?" 

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