Friday, September 19, 2014

Words of Comfort: What's the point in serving God?

What's the point in serving God? If you know your Bible you will know that John the Baptist was killed at 33, James died young, so did Stephen, and all the disciples died early in life except for John. They were murdered for their faith. Plus thousands of God-loving Christians die in car accidents and from terrible diseases. A young pastor I knew was confined to a wheelchair and tragically died in a horrible fire.  On the flip side there are atheists who have lived happy lives to a ripe old age. Then there's the question as to why God allowed Hitler to live as long as he did. There were many attempts on his life, and he miraculously survived them all.  

The answer is that we trust in Jesus to escape the wrath that is coming on Judgment Day, not the problems and pains of this life. Check out the details of how to be saved from the long arm of the Law, see

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