Monday, November 3, 2014

Words of Comfort: Atheistic communism.

"Christians make up the majority of prisons while atheists only cover about 0.2% of the entire prison population."

When prisoners are enlisted they are no doubt told to give their religious affiliation--whether they are Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Hindu, etc. This is because it's not a good idea to put a Moslem and a Jew in the same cell. No doubt few list their religious affiliation as being "atheist" because there are so few atheists, as we are so often reminded by atheists, they believe that atheism is not a belief. So, in America, most people who have some sort of belief in God would check "Christian" because we are known as "Christian" nation rather than Moslem, Hindu or Jewish nation. 

Those atheists who keep parading this "statistic" in an effort to prove that atheists live on a higher moral ground that others, need only look at the 110,000,000 human beings who have been slaughtered under atheistic communism to bring them back to reality.

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