Friday, November 28, 2014

Words of Comfort: Calling the Easter Bunny.

“Hey Ray, Atheist Debunked by Adonai Elohim invoked your god to place ‘a curse’ on me and my family, like some kind of christian witch doctor. If that's not blatant blasphemy, wouldn't you at least consider that to be very unchristian of someone and ban them from your page? You banned someone yesterday for calling A god ‘it.’ Certainly invoking your god to curse someone is far more offensive.” James Westfall

To invoke a curse on someone isn’t a loving thing for a professing Christian to do, but that isn’t blasphemy. Blasphemy is to speak evil of, mock, or curse God, and in the Old Testament blasphemy was so serious it was punishable by death. The New Testament tells us that using God’s Name to cuss (Oh my G-D, etc.,) is just as serious as it is in the Old Testament, and will have terrifying consequences on the Day of Judgment. The Bible says, “Your enemies blaspheme your Name O Lord.”  

A couple of other points about this “curse.” You are an atheist. So for you God doesn’t exist. There is no “curse” of which you should be concerned. It’s like me wanting someone banned because they called on the Easter Bunny to bite me.

The second point is that you are already under the Genesis curse. That's why in this life (try as you may) you are not going to avoid suffering and death. But while you won’t be able to avoid suffering in this life, you can avoid it in the next. If you are interested, see

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