Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Words of Comfort: Poisonous version of theism.

"I am making my point because those like Ray Comfort are harming the world with their poisonous version of theism. Most theists are normal decent people and I do not care what they choose to believe as long as they do not harm others. Unfortunately Ray is causing harm and willfully so." Patricia Bentley-Ivens

It is people like you who are giving me a huge platform for my message. Atheists make video clips that rip into me-some of which have had hundreds of thousands of views (one has had over a million). So atheists converge onto this site, watch our movies--giving them millions of views, talk about them, interview me on their programs, and enlarge the reach of my message. You have been here for years keeping this page alive. Why don't you do what some sensible atheists strongly suggest--go away and leave me alone.  But you won't because this is your life.  Atheism is a dead and boring lifestyle. Atheist sites are bored atheists who talk with other bored atheists about what they don't believe in. This was summed up recently when I arrived to preach at Huntington Beach one Saturday. The leader of an atheist group who were protesting about God not existing, came over and said, "I'm pleased you are here. It's boring without you." Despite this, I'm pleased you are here, because my hope is that you will one day repent and trust in Jesus. Then you will have a reason to exist--to reach other Hell-bound sinners such as we once were, with the gospel of everlasting life.    

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