Monday, November 10, 2014

Words of Comfort: Why would a perfect God make a Hell in the first place?

"Why would a perfect God make a Hell in the first place? Why are His creations imperfect unless He deliberately made them so? Why make rules that are pretty much impossible to live up to then punish the creations for being simply the way they were 'created'? If there is a God [He] is not the loving creator that most christians say they believe in, it is at best a tinkerer, a trickster and a child who breaks his toys when he does not get his own way."  Patricia Bentley-Ivens

If a dying patient turns off his own oxygen hose he shouldn't complain that he can't breathe. The Book of Genesis tells us that God made everything "very good" in the beginning, but sin brought about suffering, pain, disease and death in what is called a "fallen Creation." But the dying atheist denies that Genesis chapter one is true (that we live in a "fallen creation" because of sin), and so he bitterly complains about God allowing suffering, pain, disease and death. Hell is God's prison for guilty criminals. Calling Him childish names will not save you from His Justice, but repentance and faith in Jesus will. See 

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