Monday, February 23, 2015

Words of Comfort: Pastor, lead the flock.

Pastors often ask me how they can be more effective in reaching their city. This is what I tell them. Ask your congregation how many are concerned for their city. There will be a forest of hands. Ask how many are praying daily for the city. Many hands will appear. Then ask how many are sharing their faith on a regular basis. Give a gauge by asking how many have verbally spoken of the way of salvation to twelve people in the preceding twelve months. About 5 percent will raise their hands.
I once attended an interdenominational prayer meeting, where I could tell who attended a particular church simply by the way they prayed. I could recognize phrases of their pastors in their prayers. It confirmed that congregations imitate their pastor. This is why I would advise a pastor to join a secular health club, or a golf club, or somewhere where he will rub shoulders with the ungodly. I encourage him to regularly tell his congregation of his witnessing experiences and to share his fears—to show not only that he “condescends” to witness to the unsaved, but that he has the same fears they have. In this way he can “lead the flock of God,” and it won’t be long before they imitate him.

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