Monday, March 23, 2015

Words of Comfort: Cherry Pick.

An atheist said, “I probably take most of Isaiah out of context because I just can't figure out which Bible verses to cherry pick. And because I find those particular Bible verses sick and disgusting and not evidence for an all loving God. But I'm weird that way.”

This person isn’t weird. He’s normal. Idolatry is normal for human beings, and his atheism is rooted in idolatry. Richard Dawkins is an idolater. He has “another god” before the God of the Bible. He cherry-picked the harsh judgments of the God of the Old testament and created a monster devoid of any love or mercy, and then tossed away any thought of the god he created.

This atheist made up an “all loving god” and said that his made up-image is not found in Isaiah. Of course it’s not, because nowhere does the Bible say that God is “all loving.” He is love and He’s merciful, but He’s not so oozing with love that He has no sense of right and wrong. He is also just and holy, will “by no means clear the guilty,” and He is the One you have to face on the Day of Judgment, not the god of your imagination.

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