Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Words of Comfort: Parachutes and God.

An atheist (in answer to a parachute analogy) said, “Except that planes and parachutes are real and God and the afterlife are not."  

Ray replied: The truth is that you don't know if there is an afterlife. For this God-less world it’s the biggest of mysteries. But the Christian knows what happens when we die. We know because we have it from the highest Authority on this earth—God’s Word. It tells us that death is an appointment, and that after death we must face God in Judgment. That will be a fearful thing if you don’t have a Savior. Every day more than 150,000 people die. Please seek God today. Every argument you have will be dismissed the moment you come to know Him. Take a few moments to humbly check out www.needGod.com

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