Monday, March 16, 2015

Words of Comfort: Run at Goliath.

An ambassador is “the highest-ranking person who represents his or her own government while living in another country.” As Christians we are ambassadors for Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:20). We represent the government of Heaven. Such a thought makes me tremble. It makes me have very sober thoughts, because an ambassador can do a great deal of good for his country, or he can start a war with unwise words.

God has entrusted us to be His representatives, so each of us must diligently study so that we use the wisest of words in the most sobering of tasks…that of reaching a Hell-bound world with the gospel of salvation. 

I often liken evangelism to swimming. We can talk about it until we are blue in the faith, but if we don’t dive in and do it, we will never swim.

I remember the first time I ever drove a car. I was terrified. I had to remember to do what seemed like a dozen things all at once. Steer straight. Watch the yellow line. Watch the rearview mirror. Keep your foot near the clutch. Be ready to brake. Watch for other cars. Be on the lookout for pedestrians. Watch for cyclists who may swerve. Keep an eye on your speed. Watch for the law. Don’t tailgate, etc. However, after driving for too many years to remember, I could do it blindfolded. My problem now is that I could easily become overconfident, and that’s not good when you are driving something that could kill people.

The same principles apply to evangelism. The first time you approach a stranger you will be terrified. There are so many things to remember. Be ready to stop and listen. Use the Law. Watch for distractions. Make sure you head for the cross, etc. But after you do it again, then again, and again, your confidence will grow, and you will learn to steer the conversation anywhere you want. And if you will let love be your driving force, before you know it, evangelism will have become a way of life.

Of course, you will have to battle fear continually to do it, but once you step out and witness, you will be so confident that no atheist, evolutionist, intellectual, agnostic, gnostic, or even caustic person, will intimidate you. 

Run at Goliath.

May God give you great wisdom, a consuming zeal, and a love that will swallow your fears.

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