Thursday, April 9, 2015

Words of Comfort: Graveyard of false converts.

“I was a good person as a Christian. Now that I'm Atheist, I'm still a good person. Religious beliefs don't make a person bad.”
It’s clear that you had no knowledge of God’s holiness and in the light of that, your own sinfulness. You were in the dark about your own moral standing before your morally perfect Creator. I was the same before I looked at the Ten Commandments in depth. Without that knowledge there is no way any of us can become a Christian, and so you had a false conversion. But you are not alone. This site is a graveyard of false converts who heard a false gospel that doesn’t open up the moral Law and preach repentance and faith alone in Jesus. God was instead painted as a divine butler, and when He didn't come running at the click of their fingers, they became disillusioned. Please, take a few moments to check out It will show you what was is missing in what you heard and why you are in great danger.

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