Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hannah and Rachel.

“Envy is grieving at the good of another, than which no sin is more injurious both to God, our neighbor, and ourselves. But this was not all, she said to Jacob, give me children or else I die—A child would not content her; but because Leah has more than one, she must have more too…Observe a difference between Rachel’s asking for this mercy, and Hannah’s (1 Sam 1:10, etc). Rachel envied, Hannah wept: Rachel must have children, and she died of the second; Hannah prayed for this child, and she had four more: Rachel is importunate and peremptory, Hannah is submissive and devout, If thou wilt give me a child, I will give him to the Lord. Let Hannah be imitated, and not Rachel; and let our desires be always under the conduct and check of reason and religion.” John Wesley

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