Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Words of Comfort: "I reject all gods..."

“I reject all gods and goddesses not just yours. I reject [the] Bible God for the same reason you reject Allah.” Beth Thompsom

This isn’t true. The Christian doesn’t reject false gods because they don’t exist. The Bible calls Satan "the god of this world," the one who blinds the minds of the lost, who came to “kill, steal and destroy.”

The skeptic rejects the Creator because he or she loves their sin and doesn’t want to be morally responsible to Him. His Word says that we "love the darkness and hate the light."

However, on Judgment Day the light will come on in full strength and expose your deepest sins, secret thoughts, and even your motives for what you do. That’s why you desperately need God’s mercy--before that “Great and terrible Day of the Lord.” For details on how to be forgiven your sins see www.needGod.com

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