Friday, August 21, 2015

Words of Comfort: Lip service.

I often go through the Ten Commandments to help people see that they need God’s forgiveness. Some people say that they’ve never lied, stolen or even lusted. If you are in that category, you should know that the Ten Commandments are summed up in just two—loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself. If you love God, you will put Him first, have no other gods before Him, never use His Name in blasphemy and you will keep the Sabbath holy. If you love your neighbor, you will never lie to him, steal from him covet his property, commit adultery with his wife, or murder him. 

It gets even worse for us when we realize that loving God isn’t a mere lip service. It means to love Him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Do you do that? And to love your neighbor as yourself is more than a cake given over the neighbor’s fence.

Jesus summed up the moral Law’s command to love everyone in the story of the “Good Samaritan.” The Samaritan found a man beaten and robbed. He bathed his wounds and transported him to an Inn, and told the Inn-keeper that if the man spends anything, the Samaritan would cover the bill. Do you love God and every other person to that degree? If you have failed even once, then you have fallen short of keeping the Law. Add to that your lies, lust, greed, rebellion, unthankfulness, blasphemy, fornication, envy, pride, and a multitude of sins we all have, and you have a tiny glimpse of the serious nature of your sins. You ned a Savior to wash them away and save you from death and Hell. For details on how to get everlasting life, see  

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