Monday, August 3, 2015

Words of Comfort: Nazi war criminal.

I watched a program recently about a group pf Jews who tracked down and killed a Nazi war criminal. To justify their actions the commentator said that these men tracked him down because they considered him “worthy of death.” That’s a telling phrase. It reveals that these Jews valued the lives of the thousands of Jews the Nazi murdered. They were good men who wanted to see the scales of justice leveled.  So he was worthy of the death sentence.

God is so good and so esteems justice that He considers all of humanity worthy of death. Each of us has a multitude of crimes against His Law call for His wrath. Of course many don’t believe that….just as the Nazi no doubt didn’t agree with his death sentence. But ours will come in time because our sins are sternly serious in the eyes of a holy God. If you are interested in having your case dismissed and being granted the gift of everlasting life, check the details

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