Monday, August 17, 2015

Words of Comfort: Pork & shellfish.

“If you were really that intent on Biblical literalism, you'd also stone your unruly children and refrain from eating pork and shellfish.” Grant Carpenter

Skeptics are forever confused about Hebrew civil and dietary Law. We don't follow these laws because they weren’t given to us. They were given to another nation, 3,000 years ago. Most of us live in the U.S. where we have our own civil laws.

The only Law that is binding on all of humanity is the moral Law (the Ten Commandments). The moral Law is the standard by which God will judge the world on Judgment Day (see Romans 2:12 and James 2:12). Those who trust in Jesus are free from the wrath of the moral Law because Jesus satisfied its demands when He suffered and died on the cross. Repent and trust alone in Him and God will dismiss your case also. See for details.

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