Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Words of Comfort: Rabbit trails.

“I know you are an evangelist and I am trying to decide whether to trust your God or not, but I am not okay with my intellect being circumnavigated.  Thanks in advance, I know this isn't the proper forum to ask this sort of question, yet, I feel inclined to try. Not sure I agree with your views, but, I do agree with the sincerity with which you seem to proselytize people. Just don't know if I could ever accept the concept of eternal damnation and some other things.”  Kruluk
The reason I don’t spend too long addressing your intellect is because I want you to find everlasting life, and that will do little if anything to get you to that place.
Take for instance the issue of the Bible saying that bats are “birds.” That’s your contention—the Bible isn’t trustworthy. So I could explain to you that bats were considered birds right up until the 1900’s. It was only after then that they were given a different biological classification.
Does the fact that you know have that knowledge mean you are now ready to repent and trust Jesus? Of course not. You simply go onto the next argument-- “The Bible says that insects have four legs!” Then you have a thousand and one others lined up after that one is answered.
That’s the continually rabbit trail that comes when the Christian spends time dealing with the skeptic’s intellect. Instead we address the conscience. That’s where you have the knowledge of right and wrong. The conscience is like an impartial judge in the courtroom of the mind. It accuses of sin. It is there that you will hear the words “Guilty!” and see your need of the One who can save you from death and damnation, in a terrible place called “Hell.”
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