Thursday, October 15, 2015

Words of Comfort: Pro-life and the death penalty.

“Amazing how many pro-lifers support the death penalty.” Waldon Yap

This is because we greatly value human life. If you take someone's life, you should pay for it with your own.  You may believe that if someone rapes your mother and slits her throat, that he should be given bed and breakfast and free health care for the rest of his life. But some of us don't.  Remove the death sentence and murders will always increase drastically, because there is no fear of punishment. There have been around 180,000 human beings murdered just in the U.S. in the last 20 years. think of it, three super bowl stadiums of people like you and me have been murdered in our country in just 20 years.

Those who believe that capital punishment doesn't work need to realize that the person who was put to death will not be repeat offender. There is a qualification though.  Because our criminal system is so corrupt (with its crooked lawyers who only want to get a conviction, bad police who fake evidence, and judges who don't fear God), innocent people have been put on death row. This is just another bad fruit from a godless society. 

The Bible says that no one should ever be put to death without two credible witnesses to the crime. There's the safety net.

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