Monday, October 12, 2015

Words of Comfort: You can't make them think!

"Anyone with a bit of common sense can tell Ray's video is just pure nonsense." Pat Conway

When “Evolution Vs. God” went up on YouTube, atheists were furious.  If it was “pure nonsense” they should have been happy because anyone with common sense would see that. But they weren’t, and there’s a good reason for their indignation.

I wrote a book once called, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can’t Make Him Think.  Atheists were furious about that too.  It knocked Richard Dawkin’s book, The God Delusion off the number one spot in a certain category on Amazon, and that sent them into a panic. About 200 of them collaborated (we uncovered their little conspiracy) and went onto and gave the book a low rating, so that it wouldn’t sell. They said to be careful not to give it one star and arouse suspicion. The reviews are still there if you wish to read about how the book is worse than finding dog hair in your sandwich.

But the title is true. Atheists don’t think. Let me tell you why I believe that. Let’s forget for a moment that they embrace the scientifically impossible, and just look at why they are angry about the movie.  It’s because if evolution isn’t true, the alternative is unthinkable. Firstly, it means that things are intelligently designed and that God is real. That means that sin and evil are realities, and that as moral created beings, we are accountable to Him, which means that a place of punishment must exist. It also means that the Bible is right when it says that the “soul” is the life that inhabits the human body, and that it’s eternal and leaves the body upon death.

But it gets even worse for the poor atheist. It means that the knuckle-dragging-lowlife-homophobic-fundamentalist-Bible-bashing-narrow-minded-anti-science-anti-choice-slave-loving-misoginistic-snake-talking believers are right. That’s a mortal blow to human pride. 

But it gets even worse from there. It also means that the atheist will have to give up lust (horrors), pornography, fornication (double horrors) and even other sins that are morally offensive to God.  Here now is where the atheist doesn’t think. It also means that death has been destroyed by Jesus Christ, and that hopeless and helpless humanity can have everlasting life as a gift from God. It means that any repentant human being can avoid Hell and inherit Heaven simply by trusting Jesus. Watch the comments section now and see atheists gloss over the gravity of what I have just said, and prove my point.  

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