Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Words of Comfort: 114-word sentence.

A skeptic asked: "Which one's a bigger fool Ray? The person who rationalizes and decides to do things for himself like ask questions, critically analyze things, do research and use scientific methods in order to figure out things in life or the person that blindly listens to every word of a 2000 year old shepherd's journal written in the bronze age of a superstitious era by a collaboration of sheep herders that claims to have all the answers to every possible question imaginable which in fact had been interpreted and translated throughout several generations until it ended up in the hands of a mad king who re-wrote it and intentionally left out information and altered it in a way that he saw fit?" 

Ray answered: You have to learn to use the period. I needed paramedics by the time I finished reading your 114-word sentence.

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