Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Words of Comfort: Best shot.

An atheist friend sent me a text recently and suggested that we make a movie that gives the existence of God our "best shot." I told him that we didn't need to do that because everyone knows that the Creator exists, but some pretend He doesn't exist because they think it frees them from moral responsibility. 

He said that he was living proof that I was wrong about that. My reply was that either my atheist friend or God was lying, and it's impossible for God to lie. I choose to trust God and not trust my friend. Despite the insult, we are still friends. There's the first principle of Christianity. You and I insult God when we refuse to trust Him. but there's one difference. The Bible says that before we find peace with Him through repentance and faith in Jesus, we are not His friends. We are His enemies. 

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