Monday, November 16, 2015

Words of Comfort: Learn from this man's mistake...

A man once climbed up to his A-frame roof to paint it. It was very steep, so to paint it he tossed a rope over the roof, tied it to the bumper of his car, climbed back onto the roof, secured it around his waist, leaned back and began painting. 

All was well until his wife, not knowing what he had done, came out of the house with her car keys in hand, got into the car and drove off, pulling him up and over the roof. The man was seriously injured.  We can learn a great lesson from this man's mistake. You and I are only as secure as to that to which we secure ourselves. 

If you tie yourself to the unscientific theory of Darwinian evolution, you will live your life according to that godless and foolish worldview...and that will be to your eternal downfall. 

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