Monday, August 31, 2015

Words of Comfort: AIDS in Africa?

"Why is it that God gives AIDS to kids in Africa?"

As an atheist, God didn't give them AIDS because He doesn't exist. Always keep that in mind when you blame Him for things when you don’t believe He exists. If He did commit the crimes you accuse Him of, then He exists and you have to face him on Judgment Day.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Words of Comfort: Two men cannot procreate.

“Why is it that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but had no problem with Adam, Eve and their two sons basically procreating the world?”

Adam and Eve obviously had more children. Two men cannot procreate. 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Words of Comfort: A beetle without a maker.

“The only thing you can say about all atheists is that they all lack belief in gods.” 

There are many atheists around the world who don't embrace your carefully worded modern definition. They simply say "I believe that there is no God." Your cut-and-paste movement only started a few years ago. But you are still connected to the old “I believe” atheists. If I have a car and say “I lack belief in makers,” it means I believe that cars have no makers—and my car therefore had no maker.  It means that I believe that nothing made it.  So, carefully worded though your modern definition may be, it still leaves you believing the scientifically impossible—that nothing made everything.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Words of Comfort: Extra limbs.

“A whale was found with atavistic hind limbs of over 4 feet long. This makes perfect sense according to an evolutionary framework. Please explain how it makes any sense according to creationism.”

Do an Internet search for "photos of extra limbs" and you will find lambs with eight legs, people with four legs, three arms, etc. They have nothing to do with evolution and neither does a whale that has extra limbs.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Words of Comfort: Faible device of communication.

“If there was an omnipotent Supreme Being, why would He use such a fallible device of communication--a book written by men, selected by men? Why not just communicate directly?”

God did communicate directly with human beings. When He gave the Ten Commandments, the nation of Israel was so fearful that they thought they would die. He has chosen to give us His written Word telling us how to find everlasting life, and we are to simply do what it says.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Words of Comfort: Insulting to God.

A skeptic remarked: “Lack of faith is insulting to God--sounds extremely petty."

Ray answers:  I don't believe for one minute anything you say. You are not a trustworthy person. I lack faith in you because you lack the virtue of faithfulness. To lack of faith in someone is to slur their integrity. How much more so with God.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Words of Comfort: Lip service.

I often go through the Ten Commandments to help people see that they need God’s forgiveness. Some people say that they’ve never lied, stolen or even lusted. If you are in that category, you should know that the Ten Commandments are summed up in just two—loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself. If you love God, you will put Him first, have no other gods before Him, never use His Name in blasphemy and you will keep the Sabbath holy. If you love your neighbor, you will never lie to him, steal from him covet his property, commit adultery with his wife, or murder him. 

It gets even worse for us when we realize that loving God isn’t a mere lip service. It means to love Him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Do you do that? And to love your neighbor as yourself is more than a cake given over the neighbor’s fence.

Jesus summed up the moral Law’s command to love everyone in the story of the “Good Samaritan.” The Samaritan found a man beaten and robbed. He bathed his wounds and transported him to an Inn, and told the Inn-keeper that if the man spends anything, the Samaritan would cover the bill. Do you love God and every other person to that degree? If you have failed even once, then you have fallen short of keeping the Law. Add to that your lies, lust, greed, rebellion, unthankfulness, blasphemy, fornication, envy, pride, and a multitude of sins we all have, and you have a tiny glimpse of the serious nature of your sins. You ned a Savior to wash them away and save you from death and Hell. For details on how to get everlasting life, see  

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Words of Comfort: Tortured for Christ.

“Out of curiosity, have you read Richard Wurmbrand's Tortured For Christ? He gives an incredible account of torturers who claimed all of their evil in the name of atheism.” Richard Bushey  

"The communist torturers often said, 'There is no God, no Hereafter, no punishment for evil. We can do what we wish.' I have heard one torturer even say, 'I thank God, in whom I don't believe, that I have lived to this hour when I can express all the evil in my heart.' He expressed it in unbelievable brutality and torture inflicted on prisoners."  (Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand, page 34).

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Words of Comfort: Deluded fools?

Chris Bogg "You guys are funny. Show me the evidence of this great flood. Oh, that's right you can't, you deluded fools."

More than 70% of the earth being cover by water is a good clue. Scientists don't know how the water got there. 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Words of Comfort: Elevator accidents.

I was doing research on elevator accidents and was horrified by what I read. After reading of these I wanted to tell everyone to be careful stepping through the closing doors of an elevator. If you get caught in a doorway and the elevator goes up or down, it will rip your limbs or even your head off. Please take care.

I shared these thoughts because I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to suffer such a horror. And it’s the same with the warnings about the existence of Hell.

Some could say of the warning about the danger of elevators “You are scare-mongering. I don’t believe anyone has ever been killed by them. You are anti-elevators and you hate science” and dismiss it. No big deal really, because the chances of dying in an elevator are pretty slim.

But your ultimate death is 100% sure. It’s just a matter of time. All we can do is warn you that God means what He says. He will punish all evil. It’s then up to you to believe or not believe what we say. Belief is important, because what you believe will shape your worldview and ultimately your eternal destiny. See for details on how to find everlasting life.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Words of Comfort: Pork & shellfish.

“If you were really that intent on Biblical literalism, you'd also stone your unruly children and refrain from eating pork and shellfish.” Grant Carpenter

Skeptics are forever confused about Hebrew civil and dietary Law. We don't follow these laws because they weren’t given to us. They were given to another nation, 3,000 years ago. Most of us live in the U.S. where we have our own civil laws.

The only Law that is binding on all of humanity is the moral Law (the Ten Commandments). The moral Law is the standard by which God will judge the world on Judgment Day (see Romans 2:12 and James 2:12). Those who trust in Jesus are free from the wrath of the moral Law because Jesus satisfied its demands when He suffered and died on the cross. Repent and trust alone in Him and God will dismiss your case also. See for details.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Words of Comfort: Timeless dimension.

“Ray.... if something can't come from nothing... where did God come from?” Paul Boyer

God created time. He is not subject to it. He is eternal... outside of time, something the Bible calls "eternity." That is the timeless dimension you will enter when you die.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Words of Comfort: "He is malevolent..."

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” Stuart O'Donnell

Christopher Hitchens left one out. It is the fact that God is morally perfect, and when He punishes those who are evil it will include liars, thieves, adulterers, (He considers lust to be adultery), blasphemers, fornicators, etc. That leaves us all guilty, heading for Hell.

But He lets these and other evils continue because He is rich in mercy, and is patiently waiting for people to repent and trust the Savior. Evil though we are, He doesn't want us to end up in Hell. How kind is that! There's just one of a thousand reasons to call Him God… something Christopher Hitchens now knows.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Words of Comfort: No heaven, no hell.

"I'm just thankful there is no Heaven and there is no Hell." Dean Christiansen. 

You can only “believe” that there is no Heaven and no Hell. You cannot "know" because you have no trustworthy authority from which you can derive knowledge.  Proof of their existence, however, depends on God's faithfulness to fulfill His promise to manifest Himself to all who call upon Him. This comes through repentance and faith in Jesus. Millions have found Him to be utterly faithful, and we can only tell you what we know to be true.

It is then up to you to have an open mind and seek the truth for yourself. We are talking about where you will spend eternity. This is no game. Please check out

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Words of Comfort: Rabbit trails.

“I know you are an evangelist and I am trying to decide whether to trust your God or not, but I am not okay with my intellect being circumnavigated.  Thanks in advance, I know this isn't the proper forum to ask this sort of question, yet, I feel inclined to try. Not sure I agree with your views, but, I do agree with the sincerity with which you seem to proselytize people. Just don't know if I could ever accept the concept of eternal damnation and some other things.”  Kruluk
The reason I don’t spend too long addressing your intellect is because I want you to find everlasting life, and that will do little if anything to get you to that place.
Take for instance the issue of the Bible saying that bats are “birds.” That’s your contention—the Bible isn’t trustworthy. So I could explain to you that bats were considered birds right up until the 1900’s. It was only after then that they were given a different biological classification.
Does the fact that you know have that knowledge mean you are now ready to repent and trust Jesus? Of course not. You simply go onto the next argument-- “The Bible says that insects have four legs!” Then you have a thousand and one others lined up after that one is answered.
That’s the continually rabbit trail that comes when the Christian spends time dealing with the skeptic’s intellect. Instead we address the conscience. That’s where you have the knowledge of right and wrong. The conscience is like an impartial judge in the courtroom of the mind. It accuses of sin. It is there that you will hear the words “Guilty!” and see your need of the One who can save you from death and damnation, in a terrible place called “Hell.”
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Words of Comfort: Survival of the fittest.

"I guess you consider it moral for a guy to get stoned to death for gathering sticks on the Sabbath." Kypros Christodoulides 

If you're an atheist, it's not immoral in the slightest. Nothing is or can be immoral. It's just a matter of survival of the fittest.  Your atheistic worldview believes that killing babies in the womb is okay because society says it is. So is adultery, pornography, blasphemy and homosexuality. There's no right or wrong…there’s only survival of the fittest--what mob-rule dictates.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Words of Comfort: Freed from slavery.

“The ten commandments that christians cherish starts out: Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments:  1 And God spoke all these words: 2 “I am the Lord your God, who brought  you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. Did God bring you out of the land of Egypt, out of slavery? NO!?!?!? Then I guess these laws are not for you, are they?” Samatha Swartz

You are sadly mistaken. The Bible is filled with “typologies”—leprosy is a “type” of sin, Joseph is a type of Christ, the wilderness of the Hebrew desert is a type of the wilderness of this baron world, etc. Without this understanding the entire Bible will seem to be a jumbled mess of confusion.

Egypt is a type of this sin-filled world, where sinners are slaves to their sins. God brought the Christian out of this world and freed us from slavery to sin and death. 

Your conclusion is therefore wrong also. The moral Law isn’t just for the Jews. It was given to the whole world so that we would have knowledge of what sin is (see Romans 3:19-20), and it will be the standard by which God will judge the world.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Words of Comfort: Painting Hitchens.

When I did a painting of Christopher Hitchens I thought I might get shot at from both sides. However, the Bible says to "honor all men," so that dealt with any Christians who may have been offended. I was bracing myself for an onslaught from angry atheists, and it didn't happen.  In fact, I was encouraged by a kind and thoughtful atheist who sent me this:

Dear Ray Comfort,

I am a staunch atheist. I can be very critical of those who believe in God.  I am also very critical of yourself for many of the things you believe. 

However using your artistic skills to depict a man whom I am sure you had many disagreements with, simply to raise money for charity, is outstanding. You have indeed looked past your own world view to do good for the world. Myself, atheists, and theists alike could learn a lot from acts like this and I really am quite moved.

I am a University student studying Experimental Psychology in England, so I unfortunately do not have over $100 spare to bid on this. I do however wholly endorse what you are doing here, and I must admit that I now look upon you in a completely different light. As too, I'm sure, would Christopher Hitchens.

If you ever want to draw another picture of Christopher Hitchens, you know where I am.

Best wishes,  A. K.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Words of Comfort: Mom & fur babies.

"My mom means more to me than anyone or anything in this world. My best friend comes next, then my fur babies. I don't see a problem with it considering I don't believe in any god." Christina Elaine

Your wonderful mom and your beloved fur babies are gifts from God. They are not the random and accidental result of an explosion of nothing in space. 

You should be thankful to Him for His incredible kindness, loving Him with heart, mind, soul and strength.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Words of Comfort: "I reject all gods..."

“I reject all gods and goddesses not just yours. I reject [the] Bible God for the same reason you reject Allah.” Beth Thompsom

This isn’t true. The Christian doesn’t reject false gods because they don’t exist. The Bible calls Satan "the god of this world," the one who blinds the minds of the lost, who came to “kill, steal and destroy.”

The skeptic rejects the Creator because he or she loves their sin and doesn’t want to be morally responsible to Him. His Word says that we "love the darkness and hate the light."

However, on Judgment Day the light will come on in full strength and expose your deepest sins, secret thoughts, and even your motives for what you do. That’s why you desperately need God’s mercy--before that “Great and terrible Day of the Lord.” For details on how to be forgiven your sins see

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Words of Comfort: Nazi war criminal.

I watched a program recently about a group pf Jews who tracked down and killed a Nazi war criminal. To justify their actions the commentator said that these men tracked him down because they considered him “worthy of death.” That’s a telling phrase. It reveals that these Jews valued the lives of the thousands of Jews the Nazi murdered. They were good men who wanted to see the scales of justice leveled.  So he was worthy of the death sentence.

God is so good and so esteems justice that He considers all of humanity worthy of death. Each of us has a multitude of crimes against His Law call for His wrath. Of course many don’t believe that….just as the Nazi no doubt didn’t agree with his death sentence. But ours will come in time because our sins are sternly serious in the eyes of a holy God. If you are interested in having your case dismissed and being granted the gift of everlasting life, check the details

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