Monday, January 11, 2016

Words of Comfort: 101 Complaints.

When my daughter recently sent me a text asking if my wife and I were well, I replied, “Your mom has a bad headache, but we are both very well, except for me.” Of course I was kidding her. We weren’t both well. Sue had a headache and I had lost my voice for four days and had a nagging cough.

Ask most people if they are well and you will find that they’re not. They have headaches, canker sores, heartburn, join pain, digestive problems, and 101 other complaints, from small annoying things right up to terminal diseases. So, if we are the result of evolution, it didn’t do a very good job. It produced eyes, birds, flowers, the seasons, the sun, the moon and stars, love, laughter and life itself, and yet this place is a mess—from our physical health, to mental sickness, to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and death. If it’s the fittest supposedly that survive, why is it that no one ultimately will survive. In time, death will take ten out of ten.

The worldview of godless evolution has no explanation for disease, pain, suffering and death. The Bible has. In the beginning, everything God created was very good. In came sin and the entire creation fell, and brought with it disease, pain, suffering and death.  Evolution leaves the believer floundering for an explanation like a dying fish, while the Word of God answers every question—not only about life but about death.  

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