Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Words of Comfort: Capital G.

When someone asked a question but failed to give the name of God a capital, I banned him. He asked, “Would a god of love REALLY command Moses and his men to stone a man to death (very painful) just for picking up sticks on the sabbath? Would an all-loving god allow for his creation to be contaminated with evil, and you believe that its somehow part of his master plan?" 

Sophia Brown then wrote, “Ray Comfort, your banning people for using correct grammar now? When Jordan said ‘god’ he wasn't using it as a noun.
‘Would a God of love...’ is incorrect grammar. If you require posters to use incorrect English it is just going to help push the stereotype that all Christians are illiterate and uneducated.”

To which I replied “You may not be familiar with the practice of modern atheists, in putting the word “a” before the name of God. This is done contemptuously and allows the use of lower case for God. Nevertheless I have given him the benefit of the doubt, and have unbanned him.  

In answer to his question. God is not “all-loving.” Nowhere does the Bible say such a thing. He is, however, morally perfect, something sinners will find out on Judgment Day if they die in their sins. Rebellion may not be serious crime in the eyes of the rebellious, but in the eyes of a holy Creator it demands the death sentence.  

Our death is a good clue that God takes sin seriously. Yet, this same holy Creator is rich in mercy towards all who call upon His name. The Bible says, “Behold, the goodness and the severity of God.” Which will it be for you? If you are interested in God’s goodness--everlasting life, check out  

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