Friday, January 1, 2016

Words of Comfort: Defenceless.

“According to the Bible, God created all, this would include sin. It also says God created man with our flaws and all. Then the Bible goes on to say God will punish us for being sinners which is the way he created us, unless, we ask forgiveness for being the weak humans he created us to be. Does this not make sense to anyone else or is it just me?” Philip Andersen

It’s just you and those who embrace a similar worldview to yours. This is because you don’t believe that in the beginning, God made man without sin. There was no sin, no disease, suffering or death. Here is a worldview that will help you to make sense of it. You are going to die. God offers you eternal life as a free gift. If you refuse to repent and trust alone in Jesus you will die in your sins. On the Day of Judgment you will be held accountable to lying, stealing, lust, fornication, adultery, blasphemy. hatred, greed, rape, murder and every other crime you may have committed against God’s Law. If you think that your defense will be that God made you sinful, try that defense for rape or robbery in a human court and see how far you get. If you are interested in eternal life, see

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