Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Words of Comfort: "I not feel guilty."

“If the Ten Commandments were truly a reflection of our morality, then why do I only feel guilty about breaking some of them (the obvious ones that were considered wrong long before Christianity came about)? Why do I not feel guilty for not keeping the Sabbath holy? Why is the Bible not a perfect reflection of my moral guilt?"  Alan Byers

There are many things we do, about which we feel no guilt at all. The “feeling” of guilt is dependent on the sensitivity of the human conscience—the voice of which is easily silenced.  Most of us will see that we are guilty of breaking all of the Ten Commandments (if we look closely at them and study their spiritual nature).  However, just because we don't feel guilty doesn't mean that we are not guilty. A criminal may stand condemned in a court of law and not feel his guilt. However, his feelings are irrelevant.

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